A Good Image

A Good Image

Kiira on pristine ice (Click to enter the gallery)

When you do this for a living, there are two different motiva­tions tearing you apart. First, you have to get an image (if you don’t, you are history, next time it is somebody else taking the picture…). Second: you try to get “the image”. And that is different: sometimes it means risking everything ‑i.e. not getting an image at all to send to your client…

But you hate yourself if you don’t get “The Image” … or at least get desperate when the days go by without it. But: I got lucky today. Without any extra effort (i.e. not climbing with a harness on to the ceiling to set remotes etc.) — I think I got it: my personal best so far in these games.

The image gallery is updated daily now.

8 Replies to “A Good Image”

  1. Such a gamble isn’t it? Play it safe and get ‘an’ image or risk not getting a damn thing but possibly getting a great image… a perennial issue! :)

    BTW… great image :)

  2. I wish things would be easier, but for most of time, I rather play it safe. Ok maybe playing safe is not right, and playing safer would be better way to say this, since I still go at least a bit out of safe way to get things a bit different.
    But it’s still annoying when you see so many poten­tially great photos which you can’t really do, because on the end, you still need photo, and you can’t risk it all. That’s where working for big agencies has its benefits (unless you are the guy taking “safe photos” :), when you can play all day long and noone will care (well at least not too much) if you don’t bring anything back since your co-workers will have safe photos.

    1. yes, I know. I often think that that’s one of the benefits of being a bit older and having a long history of doing this — that you somehow have more room to play and experiment — and even sometimes, to fail.
      “Licence to fail” I have called it sometimes… Somebody might call it being a self-centered, arrogant prima­donna and an idiot because you somehow expect to get away with it…
      But totally perso­nally, I’d rather take one good image per assignment than two dozen “ok” ones…
      That’s one of the things what has changed a lot during the past couple of years: getting the ok-pics… anybody with a decent camera can take — with some luck — a rightly exposed, sharp frame (well, I do know some people who can’t… ;-) )
      But doing imagery which might get your attention for more than a fleeting moment — that’s still very hard and takes a lot of work, passion, experience and yes, also luck.

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