About the Author

About the Author


Profes­sional photo­grapher, based in Porvoo, Finland. Specialist in sports photo­graphy, multi­media / visual story­telling in the web / UX design.

Academic background in linguistics (L2-theory), cognitive science and psychology. MA in the University of Helsinki.

Postgrad studies in psycho­lin­guistics and neuroscience, postgrad work in the University of Technology, Brain Research Unit.

More or less fluent in several languages, including English, French, Swedish, Italian, etc.

Profes­sional photo­grapher since 1987, full-time since 1999. Specia­lizing in sports and multi­media; recent assign­ments eg. the past seven olympic games, numerous World Cup’s, European and World Championships in skating, hockey, athletics,skiing, etc.

Lately increa­singly interested in data visua­li­sation, interactive graphics, visual story­telling in the web as well as all things human and issues relating to psychology.


Awarded twice the best sports image of the year and once the best of news design in Scandi­navia (photo­graphy)

Finnfoto Award 2012.

Finnish Athletics Federation Journalism Award 2013.

Multi­media of the Year 2013 (as a producer for DocImages, Finnish Pressp­ho­to­graphers Ass.)

Work in video, multi­media, panoramic images and UX-desing. Teaching and consulting (e.g. multi­media and video editing, panoramic work, etc.) for clients of different needs and backgrounds.


University of Tampere 2008–2011, teaching multi­media and sports photo­graphy.

Since 2012 teaching in Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK/Lahden Muotoi­luins­ti­tuutti) and Taik/Aalto University (Taide­teol­linen Korkea­koulu), teaching photo­graphy, multi­media, visual story­telling, audio and video.

Numerous conferences/keynote presen­ta­tions in e.g. Finland, Denmark, Estonia and Norway.

Founder and the executive producer in DocImages multi­media production.

More personal/artistic writings and musings published in Medium.

Interests: multi­media and the future of the media in general.

Personal interests: sailing, kayaking, skiing, diving, outdoor in general.

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