Academic curriculum this autumn

Academic curriculum this autumn

Been sitting in front of the computer for the whole morning, planning what I’ll be saying to a classfull of students next friday in Tampere. I really enjoy teaching, I’m sure I’ll be telling more about this later.


Friday I’ll be giving a four hour lecture on sportsp­ho­to­graphy. I guess I have to divide it into two session, as nobody can listen to four hours in a row. And my tendency to speak real fast poses an extra challenge…

What I am really looking forward to is the workshop I’ll be teaching later this semester, also in the Tampere University. The topic is audios­li­deshows; I did it last spring and it was a great experience for all of us. Well, maybe I should only speak for myself… Lots good discus­sions, laughs, tears, strong emotions — and everyone walked out with something new in their heads. Well — again — at least I did.

Bunch of talented young people, I learned so much myself working with them, and that’s how a workshop really should be: not a unila­teral but a bilateral highway of learning. I’m confident that lots of the lessons I learned can be turned now into something I can use for the benefit of these new students.

I’ve mentioned some of the work we did earlier, but let me do it again: a slideshow of an experi­mental theater­piece by Heli Blåfield and a poignant, small story — with homemade music — of a cityboy meeting a horse for a first time by Jonne Renvall. Both are small, simple, nothing fancy, no bells and whistles, but they totally work. Both are in Finnish.

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