An Epilogue to Berlin

An Epilogue to Berlin

Don’t you just love when somebody says ” I told you so…”? Couple of days ago — well, could have been two weeks ago — I predicted in my blog from Berlin with Nikon D300s and Canon 5Dmrk2 that they would soon upgrade to multiple frame­sizes and multiple frames­peeds. Well, Canon was the first to go with their D7.24/25/30 fps, 1920x1080 and 720p resolution. Even a possi­bility for some overc­ranking, if I understand the specs correctly (in the 720 mode). I’m sure Nikon will follow rather quickly. Be it firmware updates (my guess) or new models.

What is a bit surprising is the choice of APS-size sensor from Canon; then again, they could not upgrade their 5D without pissing off lots of people who have recently bought it. I can just hear those 5Dmrk2 owners screaming for a firmware update…

As Canon seems to master doing superb videoqua­lities into a full frame as well, one can only speculate on the upcoming 1D/1Ds mrk4 specs; but I am not in that specu­lating business. Furthermore, I am a bit sceptical with certain innova­tions now from that company — as they got their 1Dmrk3 finally sorted out with the new cycle of repairs and replacing mirror­boxes — ALMOST THREE YEARS after the camera was released.

I am rather confident that they have a fullframe profes­sional tool ready for production. D7 is just an inter­me­diary step — and naturally a great camera in it its own class — for someone who needs these qualities. It is also used as a pilot — a combi­nation of field testing and market research from Canon’s side — for their flagship to to come.

Kind of frustrating really, if you think about it: all the companies nowadays not producing the best they could, but releasing things gradually to get to all the subsectors of the market, to maximize income, to create expectations/hype beforehand… But, yes, I know, I’m naive — this is how things are done nowadays. Just think about automobile industry…


I said in connection with my D300s testing that I still had to figure out how to set the aperture manually, etc. Well, it was very easy in the end, the only thing one had to do was to shoot in aperture priority mode and set it prior to shooting video.



Remember her? The volunteer I shot outside the stadium and posted the image? World is a small place and full of wonders: by coinci­dence, I ran into her in the Tegel airport, found out that she was not 15 but 19 (goes to show my own age…) and that her name was Julia. Anyway, she had liked the picture and I sent her a highres- version of it.


Got some feedback from my client: the editor in chief of Iltalehti — very nicely — sent an email thanking on a job well done. I appreciated that very much, as this is not generally done in our working culture.

My own boss was more down to earth: “Jesus, I thought you finally flipped, when I started reading your poetry quotes… I think you could have used a long cooling walk from the stadium to the hotel and a couple of beers…”

And I guess she was right. I have a tendency to get carried away sometimes.

Qui, moi?

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