By the Borderline

By the Borderline

The past couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of teaching in the Aalto University a course titled Multi­media Story­telling. I think it is the fifth or so time I do it and everytime it has been different. This time it was spread over several weeks whereas last time it was a one week intensive.

This time I gave quite a lot of home assign­ments and although they typically had a week or even two to complete them, this particular exercise was due to the following day.

The assignment was super simple: take c. 15–25 stills (or videoclips / anima­tions) forming a consistent visual narrative and do a voice over (we’d been practicing audio in class). Very simple, something I do with most of my classes, did not expect that much of it.

One of the students came up with this one. She pulled this together in one evening, including all the audio which only contains her own voice.

I was — to say the least — pretty impressed.

The author is a super talented charming young woman called Ella Kiviniemi doing her Masters in Aalto (video published here with her permission, more of her work available on Vimeo).

All the homework I assigned during the course was a pleasure to see but somehow this has been staying on my mind , nagging me…

Had a great week with a great talented inter­na­tional bunch of youngsters.

Thank you Alles­sandra, Adrian, Adriana, Sebastian, Sean, Fanny, Heikki, Annukka, Ville-Otto and Ella.

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