Coming Soon to a Computer Near You…

Coming Soon to a Computer Near You…

Need I say more?

And no, that is not the official logo… it is a work in progress.

Face it: when it comes to multi­media — be it linear or non-linear — Finland is not the country to live in. Multi­media story­telling simply does not exist here. We are next to Albania when it comes to rich media… actually, we might be lagging behind Albania for all we know :-).

So, to cut long story short: I teamed up with the Photo Raw Magazine and we thought that we’d do something about this. I am working on couple of projects and we are busy doing design — a new live website will be coming up soon.

We got a nice core group working on this and we are all very excited. All kind of great plans starting from simple “making of” ‑video stuff to huge projects involving dozens of photo­graphers… Also planning on arranging some education on multi­media story­telling in the nearby future.

And: we are looking for more people… so if you live in Finland and are really into this, you might want to consider dropping me a line or something… ;-)

More to come.

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    1. You were in before you even knew it yourself… :-) Definitely. We gotta sit down and talk one of these days… when we both are out of hospital beds…

  1. I’m not in Finland but will certainly keep an eye on this. I had checked out PhotoRaw before.

    Hospital beds, what? I hope both of you guys get out of there fit as fiddles soon.

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