Enjoying Figure Skating

Enjoying Figure Skating

Kiira Korpi in Helsinki tonight (Click to view the gallery)

Sometimes you just enjoy it- and I did tonight, big time. I got a very short notice to go and shoot a skating gala — with live music — organized by Plan to raise funds for the education of girls in less developped countries.

Earlier today I had written a very critical piece on the state of our print media and the future of photo­jour­nalism for The Journalist (more about that later…) and worked on until I felt my brain was cooking on a multi­media project dealing with the repro­sessing of nuclear waste… so I really needed something like this.

And it was great fun working again side by side with Tomas White­house with whom I colla­bo­rated in the Tallinn European Championships earlier this year. We there created a very similar gallery as I did tonight and the number of visits (over 167 000) blew our minds away.

My client didn’t ask for it, but I thought as there were so many eyes following the images from the European Championships that there might be people out there who’d like to see these, so I made a quick gallery of some of the stuff I shot tonight just for the fun of it. So, enjoy… As I said, I did.

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  1. hi guys — thank you; great to wake up after a long evening working and to find some familiar names from the Olympic times with nice words in the comments.


    1. Thank you Valentin for commenting -

      I wouldn’t go as far as calling this “work of art” but I am happy you approve… ;-)
      I just love shooting skating when the light is good — too bad I had so little time to prepare for this one — ie. I did not know what I was supposed to shoot until I got there. I’m always joking about the internal commu­nica­tions within news organiza­tions, but you’d be surprised how badly infor­mation travels…
      There is a saying about “the shoes of children of the shoemaker…” in Finnish, and it so totally applies here.

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