From Alpine to X-Country

From Alpine to X-Country

Kalle Palander after DNF in the first round. Click image to see a gallery (iPad/iPhone compa­tible)

My week in Germany starts to be over — time to head home for a quick pit-stop and then Oslo tomorrow to cover the X-country WC for two weeks.

Not much to say anymore… Feel bad for Tanja, it was so close.

Some good images, some not so good… All in all, a good learning experience — many things to take back home in my head.

I noticed that the “combo “I made in the end of the last post does not display in the iPad, so I made a simple gallery of c. 50 images if you are interested.

I noticed quite a lot of traffic on my blog during the past couple of days — so thank you for checking this out. As any photo­grapher will tell you, the biggest reward is knowing there are people who see your images.

So: tonight Finland, Norway tomorrow…

The most exotic outfit I’ve seen for a sports photo­grapher on the slope: Mitch Gunn talking to Kalle Palander.

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