Heading Home

Heading Home

Or the title could be: “Thank God it’s over”. I miss my family and I am truly happy getting home. No more Four Hills Tournament nor ski jumping — tomorrow I have a free morning and I thought of going skiing to the Kaprun Glacier for couple of hours before heading to Munich and taking an evening flight to Helsinki.

Nothing more to add about Canon EOS 1d mrk4, except that it performed flawlessly (firmware 1.0.4). I exchanged couple of words with Kai from Reuters and he said he was also happy with his (pre-production model) — and that he had production models at home waiting to be unpacked.

I quickly made an image gallery on my best images — if you can call them that. But something I have liked perso­nally. Click the gallery open in images/kuvat and move the cursor to the side to get them scrolling (Give it a minute to load — there’s some 40 images. If you let the cursor linger for a moment overt the image, you get the essential EXIF-data).

Janne Ahonen was amazing. Such an athlete — and what a nice guy to work with. He was second — but his perfor­mance was unbelie­vable. We’ll see what happens in Vancouver .

Janne Ahonen in Bischofshofen

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