Kind of Happiness

Kind of Happiness


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The latest multi­media piece of  DocImages is now out. Yes, I am biased — naturally — as I acted as the executive producer… But the work of Saara Mansik­kamäki and Niclas Mäkelä is worth watching. It is an experi­mental piece (with its weaknesses of which we are fully aware…), but the visuals and the whole simplicity of the concept just works.

I am still astonished how they managed to pull this off. Add the fact that this was the first video production they ever did and you really start to appreciate the quality of the piece.

Saara and Niclas are visual journa­lists at the beginning of their career. In the legacy they’d be labeled photo­graphers — seen as technical profes­sionals whose job is to illustrate a story somebody else has put together — but I’d like to argue that they are already much more. They pursue a theme they themselves find interesting. They tell fullbodied stories through their images (this time it is moving images), audio they record and by the storyline they have crafted themselves.

And thus I am very happy they are joining us in DocImages. Looking forward to working together.

So: put on headp­hones, get some quiet around you and reserve some 15 minutes to see the piece.

I’d say it’s definitely worth it — but as I said, I’m biased :-) .

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