La Mia Stanza

La Mia Stanza

I was teaching the other day in Lahti (Video and Sound 101), looking for a good example for my students and I came to think of this.

It is a small, simple homework I assigned in Aalto University last year, where I asked the students to come up with a thema­tically coherent story of some kind, maybe tell something about themselves so we could get to know each other better, etc.

Using stills, videoclips, whatever works for them.

Pedago­gically, my idea was to give an oppor­tunity to practice VO and audio recording in general — plus give the students an oppor­tunity to play around with the editing rhythm in both audio and the visuals.

One of my Italian exchange students, Andrea Edigi, handed in this little story. I liked it in the beginning, but having seen it now for several times I really, really like it. The audio is very good with beautiful VO, very personal visuals and beautiful mastery of the rhythm in editing — plus the use of multiple media (video, stills and animation) in narration. Consi­dering it was done in one day only, even more impressive.

The other day I was writing a paper on multi­modal narration and the possi­bi­lities it offers — I should have used this one as an example.

Bravo, Andrea, e stato veramente un piacere ti connoscere e stare in classe insieme. (Hope my Italian spelling is more or less correct… )

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