Levi Alpine WC — Living Multimedia

Levi Alpine WC — Living Multimedia

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Almost two in the morning… Just uploaded the first version of the multi­media project I am doing here in the Levi Slalom World Cup. Presently it has three panoramas 360°x180° and each one has a dedicated narration by Tanja Poutiainen describing different sections of the course.

It is displayed on MTV3 website and presently the captions are all wrong in the text below the presen­tation, as there is nobody doing the updating in Helsinki at this hour. But I’m sure they correct them the first thing tomorrow morning.

The plan is to keep this multi­media alive, i.e. to add content daily as the compe­tition progresses. Stills, pans, maybe even inter­views… we’ll see.

Tomorrow (actually today…) is the ladies free skiing, so there will be some highlights from there, on Saturday is the ladies race and on Sunday it is the men’s turn.

If you’re interested in how this gets built up, do come back now during the weekend. I’ll try to add updates to this post explaining what I have done/added.

But now it is definitely past my bedtime…


(UPDATE 13.11.2009 at 6 pm:) A missing MTV3-logo was giving me a headache, but I think I got it working. Updated some 12 images from today and added the TV-broadcast schedules.

(UPDATE 13.11.2009 at 10 pm:) Posted a simple flash based image gallery also on MTV3 website. I had a choice of including that into the multi­media project, but decided to keep it separate, so that the interface doesn’t get too cluttered. I will update these images also daily.

(UPDATE 14.11.2009 at 6 pm:) Added stills on the women’s compe­tition and one 360°x180° pan. Decided to use a static still for one background, seems to work fine. I will see if I update some ambient sound to the compe­tition scene. Also updated the slideshow mentioned above.

The light was really bad today, but I did take one good image — your basic slalom shot, but still, it’s not bad. And there is a diffe­rence, when I look my Tanja-image from Sölden…tanja

Tanja Poutianen on the first run

(UPDATE 15.11.2009 at 5 pm:) Added a page on the men’s compe­tition, but I had to rush to the airport to catch a flight home. I will do the highlights at the airport or in the plane and update from Helsinki. I do have audio from both compe­te­tions, but I am wondering if it would actually suit the whole thing.

(UPDATE 15.11.2009 at 9.30 pm:) Added the highlights images to the men’s compe­tition page. Decided AGAINST ambient audio for the compe­tition pages for one single reason: I am dead tired. There is a limit of what one person can do. I don’t think audio would add that much to the whole. Sure, it would be nice as a portfolio show off, but frankly, I think I have made my point as it is. As I said the first night: it is definitely past my bedtime…

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