Livefeed from Barcelona: On the Air

Livefeed from Barcelona: On the Air

Livefeed from Barcelona

Last night I came to the hotel and opened a good bottle of wine. Felt like I’d earned it; exhausted but flying: everything just came together in the end. I was so happy. Fast trans­mission, no hickups really, workflow getting better and better, faster and faster.

For instance; before I shot the image above (the winner of 100m dash Lemaitre lifting the flag) the image of him crossing the line was already displayed in the slideshow. With a comment. I mean, talk about fast visual storytelling.

I sent an email to my clients this morning saying that the system is up and ready for real opera­tional use; we’ll see if they pick it up. I will continue doing this throughout the compe­tetion until sunday except today, maybe, as there is no peak action going on which would be of interest to Finns; and I leave yesterdays images to the server, so people can see what it is all about.

So stay tuned And — I feel like I am talking to a wall here — I would really appreciate some live commentary thru Twitter as I am working inside the stadium.

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  1. I’ll try to follow your work today with my N900 mobile. Let’s see how it goes. I noticed that Aamulehti was promoting your livefeed this morning.

    1. Hi Tommi -

      great; tweet me if you can. It is a standard webpages, but requires flash and decent screen to display. Let me know how it works; with iPhone it does not work. Gotta go, javelin in one hour.

  2. Hi,

    I used Firefox mobile browser and it does not do flash either at least not fully. It did not run the slideshow, but I could see the images when re-freshing the page. I will try the N900 native browser later. It runs flash very well. The N900 has a very good display for a mobile phone. A laptop would be still a better option, but I could not carry it with me today.

    I used Mauku for Twitter comments. That’s still beta software, but it handles basic twittering conveniently.

    I’m amazed how you manage to do all the things while in the middle of heated action.

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