Moscow 2013 Track and Field WC

Moscow 2013 Track and Field WC


What a great summer behind me (read: six weeks of sailing and over 1000NM on the Baltic…) — and it is time to return to work. Track and Field (IAAF) world championships in Moscow have been going on now for couple of days and some more days yet to come. Looking forward to the fall- as I anticipate lots of changes in the work front. But looking forward to that as well — as my experience is: change is typically good (although it might hurt initially…)

Nothing that exciting to tell from Moscow. I have done all of the WC’s and most of the EC’s compe­tions during the past ten years or so and it is hard to maintain same kind of enthusiasm every time . I enjoy this work immensely but there are less and less surprises and “wow-moments” when one has done this as long as I have. Which is true of anything one does, really. It’s a job you love, but … it’s a job. Then again: when Isinbaeva jumped yesterday, I think my heart rate was double from the normal. It was one pretty awesome compe­tition, I was really happy to see it live.

In addition, Finland has only 9 athletes in these games so it his kind of hard trying to find angle of one’s own and not to do what all the agencies are doing. There is no point for me doing (=repeating…) what everyone else is doing.

I actually would like to write about something else than sports photo­graphy. But as I am photo­grapher, I have to show some pictures, right? And not just babble about the media and the future of it — or the lack of it.

So couple of my favorites from the days gone by. All shot with 400/2.8 (with and without the 1.4x) except the walking shot which is the new Canon 200–400 super zoom. A nice piece of glass but a bit heavy (and expensive) — but perfect for a sport such as race walking.






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