National Parks of Finland ‑multimedia

National Parks of Finland ‑multimedia

A friend and colleague of mine Tea Karvinen, contacted me about a year ago and said she needed a bit of help with turning her images into a multi­media presen­tation of some kind. We go back a long way, we both used to work for Ilta-Sanomat and did e.g. Salt Lake City Olympics together 2002.

She had spent six years documenting the national parks of Finland and the project was on the final year, approaching the end.

I mainly work alone and thus it is a great pleasure when you have an occasion to work together and colla­borate — especially with someone of such great talent and immense dedication as Tea.

We agreed on the general ideas, themes and approach we’d try to achieve and she drove off with her camper van to photo­graph the seventh year and the final, missing images. We stayed in contact through the year, and now in early August she parked her van on our back yard. For four days we sat in front of the screens, debating which images to include and which not, what is the best way to tell this story, etc.

I am maybe the wrong person to say it, but I am very happy with the result.

We did a full 12 min shorty which she can use when she gives presen­ta­tions. I also edited the whole into a four chapter multi­media presen­tation, totally in HTML5, flexible and responsive with three different layouts to fit a computer, an iPad vertical and a smartphone.

Extremely simple, trying to focus the attention to Tea’s great visuals instead of UX-gimmicks.

See it here.

The book — the actual, physical book — is fantastic and available both in Finnish and in English. With much more images than you can see in the video. You can order it directly from the author (teakarvinen(at) with a dedication.

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    1. Happy you are enjoying it :-) ! I think it is a very nice book; and even though I am the multi­media geek in this case I think the tradi­tional book as a format is really nice.

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