On the Road to Vancouver Olympics: Figure Skating EC in Tallinn

On the Road to Vancouver Olympics: Figure Skating EC in Tallinn

Kiira Korpi in practise session this morning (click image to see gallery)

Man, this is hard. I haven’t shot skating really since last years European Champioships in Helsinki and — as I said with alpine skiing in Sölden — it does take practise. I got here with a notice of only two days with no time to prepare, but I’m sure I’ll warm up to this as the games progress.

I’m naturally concent­rating on the Finnish ladies Kiira Korpi, Laura Lepistö and Susanna Pöykiö — as only two of them will get a ticket to Vancouver. Italy has a little bit of a similar situation, as Carolina Kostner and Valentina Marchei are competing for a single spot the country has.

At the moment it seems I won’t be covering figure skating in the Olympics — as I am living on Whistler and doing skiing, ski jumping and alpine, among others — and there are limits what one person can do and the distances are pretty big over there.

I set up a small gallery from here which I will be updating as the days go by. So far there is nothing to write home about, but I hope it’ll grow into something I am proud to show from this event. So stay tuned.

(UPDATED 21st 2010) One easily just talks about one’s own work… kind of conceited… so let me show you some work of another photo­grapher — a real good one and a friend — from the same event. I think the opening image of his blog is one of the best — if not the best — I have seen here.

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