Seppo Saves — Multimedia

Seppo Saves — Multimedia

Saves-DocImages Multimedia

(Click image to see the multimedia)

This is something I have spent the last two weeks working with (in post-production) and finally it is ready to see the light of day. And I am pretty darn proud of it.

It is a chapter in our multi­media series called “Photo­graphy Legends” — and it portrays the legendary photo­jour­nalist Seppo Saves with some samples of his work.

We recorded and shot this last November in Ulvila, western Finland and it consists of still images and loads of audio. My sincerest thanks to Seppo for receiving us and to Arttu Muukkonen and Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen for a great working session together. It was an afternoon to remember.

I wrote briefly (in Finnish) about the technical aspects of this — especially about the coding of the audio elements — and maybe it is best I leave all the technical talk into our DocImages blog… As today I just want to enjoy the tranquil mood of this piece.

The feeling of almost touching history as it happens.

Since this piece relies heavily on the audio, I will not even try to translate it into anything else than Finnish. It simply would not work.

Seppo Saves is one of the grand masters of our field and it is totally impos­sible to try to present his whole career in one simple multi­media. But it is my sincerest wish that this multi­media — even with its limita­tions — presents an intimate account the life of this passionate, uncom­pro­mising photo­jour­nalist, whose images have been around for more than half a century.

I still remember buying his book “Kuvajour­na­lismi — sellaisena kun minä olen sen kokenut” — over twenty-five years ago — and it was one of my bibles when I had just gotten my first camera. Recalling some stories I read in that book… as I heard them again in this multi­media. With his own voice.

He called me this afternoon. Saying that he really liked the way we had portrayed him and that he was very happy and pleased with the result.

It meant a lot to me hearing it from him.


(Click the image on top to see the multi­media.  Please note that it contains a lot of imagery and audio and thus the initial loading might take a while)

Some disclaimers: I am totally aware that iPhone5 nor some Android devices do not display correctly. HTML5 is supposed to be a standard… but it is a very poor such. It’ll take another 2–3 years before we can talk about a “real” standard. 

The multi­media does work flawlessly with 2nd gen. iPad ( iOS 6.1.3) and with the Samsung Galaxy 2 I have tested it with. But a friend just informed me that iPad 3rd gen. does not display correctly. 

Somebody might say that “paper does not have these problems”… but I don’t think paper still is the correct solution to work such as this. :-)

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