Photoshelter revisited

Photoshelter revisited

It is obvious: if you are a photo­grapher, you have to show your work. You have to let people see what you have been doing lately. Or what you are capable of. Or you simply need to deliver images. Portfolios, websites, galleries…

My Photoshelter homepageI have been using Photos­helter for several years now, but I have never tried to harness its full potential. I decided to give it a go and see if I could make more use of it than I already do. Make things a bit easier for myself. Thus, for the couple of past days I have been setting up a custo­mized version of my Photos­helter homepage and it is slowly getting there. The link is now on the sidebar.

I was actually prompted to do this when I got asked to shoot a local Irish band called the Boolabus the other day. I used to hang out with them — like twenty years ago, shooting B&W — and they contacted me, telling that they would perform now — one time only — in a local bar downtown Helsinki. They asked me would it be possible for me to show up — like in the old days — and shoot some images. Naturally, I was happy to see they guys, but I was thinking “how on earth do I distribute the images so that they all get to see them and that they all get the ones they want to have” — without answering a dozen or so emails and phonecalls — and this got me into this.

While I was at it — i.e. custo­mizing my PS-account ‑I also built a workflow which enables me to shoot directly to a specific gallery on my homepage from my Canon 1Dmrk3’s thru WFT2 trans­mission. Works like a charm — smooth and slick. I am not totally at ease with the fact that somebody else gets to see my images on a compu­terscreen before I do when I use this workflow. “Perfec­tionist, control­freak”… yes, I know, but still.

But as they say, sometimes speed is of the essence and it might come handy one of these days.

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