Playing with Snapseed

Playing with Snapseed

I’ve never used Instagram. I know I should have… but just never got to do it. The closest I’ve ever got is a program called Snapseed, which produces (I think) quite similar results. I started using it in the summer when kayaking and sailing when I did not always have a laptop with me. Besides, I spend so much time infront of the computer during the work season, so when I am off I can at least pretend I am not working, right… :-) ?

Then I found out that the same program exists for “non-touch devices” as well. I don’t think I’ve used it for anything which I consider “profes­sional work” — mostly just for playing around… like now, when I seem to have too much time in my hands while covering the Biathlon WC 2013 in Nove Mesto, the Czech Republic. Yes, the client got the “no gimmicks” versions.

But let that be the bridge to this video piece by CNN, where Koci Hernandez talks about using Instagram. It’s very interesting, I’ve seen it several times now, and I really have not made up my mind as where I stand in all of this… But: his discussion of time and how it relates to our memories, etc. is really intri­guing and really makes you think.

There is also a nice sample of his work in the NYT Lens Blog if you want to dig deeper.

And let this then in turn to be the bridge to these couple of shots I just quickly ran thru Snapseed. Quite obviously, as I said, too much time in my hands…









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