Postcards from Italy

Postcards from Italy

The daily routine is the same. In the morning there is typically an info, then around noon a compe­tition, in the evening some skijumping or a medal ceremony (not too many of those so far…).

One never sends postcards these days… at least I don’t. And still haunted by the Koci Hernandez piece I referred to earlier in this blog. So with some extrea time in my hands, I play with the images… my version of old postcards…

Here’s one take from the week gone. Just images.KK-ValDiFiemmeXKK_8300_101Bronze in the dual sprint. Krista and Riikka.


Nothing to say about ski jumpoing this season.

Ville Larinto, never really recovered from the injury last season.


Ritva-Liisa… still going strong.KK-ValDiFiemmeXKK_8823

Therese — one of the most photo­genic skiers in the circuit.


One above everyone else: Marit Björgen.

Therese and Cavalese in the background.KK-ValDiFiemmeX1KK9407

I really do not envy our head coach of ski jumping. KK-ValDiFiemmeXKK_8084

Couple of seconds (minutes?) behind…KK-ValDiFiemmeX1KK9152

Tension amongst the ladies?KK-ValDiFiemmeX1KK8543B

Real close…KK-ValDiFiemmeX1KK8538B

One of my personal favorites.


A rare sight… He was flagged out after couple of k’s when others passed him on the second lap.KK-ValDiFiemmeX1KK8175

Two remotes from the the start.KK-ValDiFiemmeX1KK8173 KK-ValDiFiemmeXKK_7167

Norway rules, no question. Therese… again.KK-ValDiFiemmeXKK_5949

Panning with 400mm.


When outside the stadium , the scenery is actually very beautiful.

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