Princess Sophie Diaries

Princess Sophie Diaries

A project I started about ten years ago… and almost immediately abandoned as flash became obsolete and HTML5 was still in its infancy.

But. Things have changed and I thought it would be a good time to rekindle this one. I was changing ISP the other day and on the server I found a folder full of panoramas I had shot years ago.

So I encoded them into strict HTML5, made a three layout project intended for touch devices (such as your iPhone or iPad) and all modern browsers.

Presently, there is like 15 panoramic images plus the renovation story of our Princess, but after the summer – as we have this major sailing/photography project coming up– it will be much more extensive.

But hope you enjoy it. Here are the  Princess Sophie Diaries.

And as a teaser, here is one set of panoramics from Klovharun, i.e. the island and the summercottage of the late Tove Jansson.

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