QR Portfolio

QR Portfolio

Wanna see a portfolio? It is the image on the right.

Don’t understand? Read the previous post.

I just played around and realized that Photos­helter portfolio folder can be referenced directly AND it is Javascript-based / no flash. IPhone/iPad friendly in other words.

Not that this portfolio is up to date or worth seeing in the first place… but nice to know it works. Just for testing purposes, I tried to throw the SCAN app off-balance by a drops­hadow and stupid framing, but no effect: it seems to work anyway. And notice, how small the QR is — and still works. Totally cool.

(Updated 18.1.2011)

Just made the simplest possible “Instruc­tions” ‑webpage on my server entitled “How to Use QR-code?” in case you want to try it out and you need to reference instruc­tions to your client or something. It’s in both our official languages — i.e. Finnish and English… ;-)

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  1. Game changer, I like that. Let me know if you manage to use it somehow, I’d be very interested to hear. So happy to see you take an occasional look at my writing (and if you did not notice, I responded a bit more in length in the post below).
    Let’s keep in touch.


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