Some Simple iPad Stuff for Photographers

Some Simple iPad Stuff for Photographers

Lens calibration for dummies?

The iPad is now totally integrated into my daily workflow. I’ve talked about ShutterS­nitch in my two previous posts — it totally rocks — and I’ve been promising to write about the future of the print on these devices one of these days… And I will, but before that, a quick post on two workflow solutions I thought might be of interest to photo­graphers. Two tips to make life a bit easier.

First: calibrating your lenses. Sure, you can do it with a laptop just as well. But think about the simplistic set up here: Flip on your router and your iPad, start the ShutterS­nitch. Stick an Eye-Fi ‑card into your camera. Position a calibration target on the table. Shoot an image. Pinch and zoom immediately on the iPad; adjust calibration on your micro-adjust­ments — and you are done! The whole setting up, doing the calibration (and cleaning the mess from the kitchen table after you ;-)): two minutes? No cables, no configs, no hassle.

Sure, you can do that with a laptop, but all the confi­guring of networks, or attaching a card reader; adjusting, shooting an image, the card again into the reader, adjusting, shooting again, putting the card… When you can do it The Really Simple Way — you can call it the calibration set up for dummies, if you like.

iPad as a secondary display; PS palettes on the iPad

Second: using the iPad as a secondary display. Using an app called Air Display you can set your iPad as a secondary display over the net. 7€ or something — and the set up is dead simple. Great if you are working with images on the road and want to keep your palettes separate from the image; or even more, if you are working with multiple things such as web design and want to see e.g. all your images and assets at the same time. Or you are making a presen­tation, and need your presenter notes in front of you when pacing around — and your computer is up on the podium driving the projector. Or teaching in general…

A word of warning though: as the display is refreshed over the net, you cannot use it with e.g. anything needing major amount of graphic content refreshed constantly — such as video. I tried Final Cut Pro (having scopes and audio mixing on the iPad) but no way… But that apart: simple and solid solution, should you need one.

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    1. Lenscal is very simple and yes, you do notice the diffe­rence. Just make sure you line it up accurately, as we are talking milli­meters here. Typically I’ve corrected tops +/- 3 depending on the lens and the body combi­nation. I’ll redo it one of these days so if you want, I can give you more accurate details then.
      I’ve always been lucky I haven’t been forced to make any major adjust­ments, but I’ve seen people going all the way up to 20 and that is a very noticeable difference.

    1. As far as I know: no. It’s a bit bluish (I’ve been told, haven’t measured and my eyes don’t tell) plus the blacks are maybe a bit too contrasty and dark. But in general, images look amazing. Much better than your average laptop (and yes, I know, you do not use an average laptop — nor do I…)
      As I said: for palettes, for an image browser it is really nice as a secondary display. Maybe not so for super critical color decisions…
      There is a new ios (4.0) coming to the iPad next month; including Finnish keyboard, multi­tasking, folders, etc. Hopefully (now or later) they allow for the display calibration as well as the OS progresses…

  1. You dont need to mess with card readers etc when you do it. One cable from camera to laptop and you´ll get the shots right away.… But if you got iPad who not to use it!!

    ps. Good stuff you got here! Been reading your blog once and then. Have to bookmark it. Thanks

    1. Yes — I know. Set the laptop on the table (make sure you you have a table near by) attach a cable, open the program… yes, I know, it is easy, but you know what? I never got to do it… One click too much, too much hassle… But the one extra step, the one additional cable needed can be too much.
      Absolutely, you do not need an iPad for this. But it is like apple vs. pc: both can do the job, but apple is just so much more simple, so many clicks less…

      Thank you for dropping by and commenting.


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