Starting to Write Again

Starting to Write Again

Something I have been thinking for a while now, but never got to it. Seemed like there was always something on the way. But now I feel time has come to do it and I decided to reactivate my writing again.

I finished my active pressp­ho­to­graphy career already several years ago (after Sotchi Olympics it was clear that an era had come to an end — more about it later). I continued in R&D in the visual media, kept teaching in couple of univer­sities, did some corporate work (and still do).

And then came Covid-19. No exagge­ration: for a year and a half the phone did not ring once. Not one single time.

In a way I was happy: yes, the income was between ridiculous and nonexistent — but on the other hand, lots of time for outdoor actives (sailing, kayak, etc.), valuable time to devote to the kids in their teens and time to read and learn new things in my own field.

Then a most bizarre thing happened: almost by accident I applied for a job in a small community college & art school teaching photo­to­graphy… and got it. My first permanent job ever, at the age of 59. I have tremendous respect for my employer for hiring me – I have met my own share of discri­mi­nation based on age before.

I have a really great boss – she is the polar opposite of micro­ma­na­gement – and it was clear from the very first day that I could design the curriculum as I pleased. And I did.

I am really proud of the results we have achieved. I have completed now two extremely intensive courses, each lasting about four months. Made friends, laughed and cried with my students, pushed some towards further education, others towards their own small business, given others a half a year break from their normal life… again, more about all this later. But it has been one amazing journey together.

I would go as far as to say that it has been my most fulfilling year profes­sio­nally ever.

The spring course ended about a week ago and the next one will start towards the end of August. The 360° image is from the exhibition the two courses held together in Kouvola in April-May 2022.

As I said, more about all this later, I will make a seriuos effort to write once a week, once every two weeks, and tell about stuff we do – and other things related to photo­graphy and visual media in general.

I will continue writing in English, for the simple reason that I have friends and family abroad who do not speak Finnish and I do not want to shut them out.

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  1. What a wonderful update from my favorite Euro photo centric boat owner. And a wonderful visual arts mentor you’ll surely be. Lucky school and fortunate students indeed.

    1. Hi — good to see you! I was thinking about people who are following this, and wondered about you. So happy you have not disappeared.

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