Teaching Sports Photography

Teaching Sports Photography

I stopped my own career as a sports photo­grapher in Sotchi about five years ago… reasons being many, but the most important one probably that I saw the end of profes­sional sports photo­graphy in the nearby horizon and I wanted to concentrate on the life and things coming after that.

And it has been truly interesting a ride — more about that later.

But I have a soft spot for this what I did — like 15–20 years — for a full time living… and having been teaching for a while in Lahti I have had the pleasure of teaching what I have learned over the years in the Olympics and World Championships to the next generation of visual profes­sionals studying in LAMK.

Two years ago I organised the photo­graphy of Lahti World Championships for the LOC and had fifteen photo­graphers in my team. This year it is much more small scale and the team is only half a dozen.

It is very rewarding seeing them attack the task ahead. Motivated, eager, taking initiative and respon­si­bility.

We had the great honor of Canon Finland giving us couple of really cool lenses for testing… including the new 600mm (like three kilos only!!!) and the 200–400 and 100–400 zooms — along with couple of 1DX 2’s.

No more babbling from my side… let the pictures tell the story.

First a small BHS-video, then couple of my personal favou­rites and finally a gallery with more images.

And here’s a gallery which I will update during the games:


(Editors note: to be 20 something and have these tools at your disposal…)

The team:

  • Mathias Foster
  • Anastasia Sorokina
  • Jon Norppa
  • Mikael Niemi
  • Onni Aaltonen
  • Antti Turunen
  • Julia Siven
  • Kari Kuukka (editor)

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