The Four Hills Tournament

The Four Hills Tournament

(Updates on Canon EOS D1mrk4 are in my previous post. Updated 6th Jan. 2010)

Rainy days in Oberstdorf are over — and now it is rainy days in Insbruck. Got here this afternoon and will commute to Garmisch-Parten­kirchen now for a couple of days. But it’s nice having the same hotel for several days in a row and as the Insbruck compe­tition is on Sunday, I’ll be here ’til monday and then heading over to Bishoffshofen.

Yes, Janne Ahonen did something unbelie­vable. And yes, I am still very happy about my mrk4’s perfor­mance. See the image below: your basic, basic ski-jumping shot, but I just like the “sound” of the image (shot at 3200 ASA, 1/1250 sec, f 5.0 400mm 2.8 IS hand-held)

Janne Ahonen in mid-air, Oberstdorf, first round.

But time will tell; it’s amazing how many pictures one has to really shoot before one gets a good idea of what a camera can do — or cannot do.

 MIcheal Palm and a motorized pan-cam on a tripod.
Michael Palm and a motorized pan-cam on a tripod. 

Talking of cameras, I met an interesting guy — and a nice one on top of that — named Michael Palm at Oberstdorf. He was shooting panoramic images — for print, not for web projection — with a rotating film camera. Really interesting and very nice seeing someone doing something out of the ordinary, I always respect that.

I had thought of doing a multi­media series from here — one from each compe­tition but I had to call it off for a couple of reasons: pissing rain and lack of time, to name a few. Especially the rain makes it difficult, because if you use 8mm or 15mm lenses, you can not use any hoods and you just have waterdrops on the lens. And you might actually ruin your equipment in the process as neither one of those lenses is weather-sealed.

I had thought that I would make that series as a pilot for the Vancouver Olympics, but there is actually no need, as I have done pilot projects now more than enough to know what kind of problems one is bound to encounter and what kind of timeframes allow decent perfor­mance in producing them. So I decided to spend the time I might have left over instead on actual projects coming out now before the Olympics.

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