This is about Storytelling…”

This is about Storytelling…”

I’ll be starting an audios­li­deshow workshop tomorrow in Tampere University. Four sessions of intensive work. Really looking forward to it. About ten students I have never met before. Prepared my slides and lessons yesterday and I was all ready to go for tomorrow.

And then I stumbled upon this: BFC live feed from Sundsvall, where Poul and Henrik from Bombay Flying Club are giving a workshop on multi­media and web documentary.

Click image to see the trailer
Click image to see the trailer

I’ve mentioned them earlier in this blog and BFC is listed on the sidebar. If you are at all into the future of the media and where we — ie. photo­graphers, media profes­sionals — stand in it, I strongly recommend seeing this. It’s long, closer to two hours, but it’s worth it. Not convinced? Ok, go and see an example of their work: a trailer called Bangladesh.

In fact, I set this as an assignment — to my dear students I haven’t met yet: yes, I am fully aware that it is less than 24 hours until we meet but I expect you all to see the opening presen­tation from Sundsvall. Prefe­rably now, but if I don’t reach you now thru this blog, I will remind you tomorrow in class. This presen­tation gives you a good idea what we will be dealing with. When I was in the university, we had required reading… now it is required seeing.

Yes, as Henrik says in the video: “this is about story­telling”. It is about cameras, recorders, mikes, software, all kind of technical stuff… but the essence is story­telling. I’ll see you tomorrow in Tampere.

(UPDATE: Sorry about the broken link; it is fixed now. KK)

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    1. Yup, seen it. Wild mediacon­ver­gence, I agree. But, I believe future will be a bit different. It is like shooting film, knowing it will be scanned and distri­buted in the net, when full digital workflow is available — why take the trouble? Likewise, why trying to implement something like that into a ePaper, OLED-paper, whatever you call it… when you can use a userin­terface which makes much more sense — which does not try to imitate another medium in any way — just because we have been accus­tomed to it.

      Yes, I am sure we will see something like this, but I doubt it is a technology which will last for long.

      If I had to put my money into something (which problem I do not have… ;-)), I would bet for an interface such as the much rumored iTablet from Apple, suppo­sedly coming out now early 2010.

      Check my next post, I’ think I will address this issue a bit further.

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