Three Illustrators

Three Illustrators

fbvinkkiI promised couple of weeks ago that I show some things which have been keeping me busy — and thus away from this blog — so here is another one.

It is one of the most memorable assign­ments this year, a series of three small portraits I did for Kuvit­tajat RY (Finnish Illustrators).

_KK_7814Every two years they award their best of the best and they asked for three short portraits — the primary use was to have them on a screen in the exhibition.

I was given totally free hands. I enjoyed this assignment immensely; largely due to these fantastic artists I had the honor of meeting, however briefly.

I ended up using glidecam, stills and very slow timelapse. Audio was totally organic — basically we were just talking and I had a Sennheiser E100 G3 lav hooked to a Zoom H6.

I compiled these three into a single responsive HTML5 site so they can be seen easily with a computer or a touch device.

Click to see the work here or by clicking on the main image.

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