Val di Fiemme 2013

Val di Fiemme 2013


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Back on the road. A quick pitstop back home after Nove Mesto and then off to Italy for couple of weeks to cover the WC of XC-skiing. Looking forward to it — as beautiful mountains all around me probably allow some skiing myself… :-)

But anyway: Team Finland got this new truck for servicing their skies and I did a simple non-linear multi­media on it.

I did a similar kind of thing in Oslo two years ago, but that was in flash. This time I went html5 all the way… But trouble with html5 are the non-compa­tible browsers… e.g. Firefox does not support several types of anima­tions nor trans­pa­rency. But it compa­tible with iPad, which is a must in my opinion these days and this over-rides I think minor clitches with Firefox etc.

It is very simple, couple of 360°s and an audiotrack plus a specs sheet of the truck. Maybe a bit too much bling-bling on the opening page, but I think it still more or less works.

(Edit: yup, realized IE (at least older versions) on windows do not work… and Firefox has some issues. Maybe I should have done a flash fallback to machines which do not support html5 and css3 trans­for­ma­tions. Then again: that would have been another half a day or more, and this is work which is sort of extra, nobody really asked for this… (read: nor pays for it :-) )

It’s also very frustrating to do anything with the web when your line is extremely poor and each page load takes forever. I always thought Finland is real bad in terms of web connec­tions… but that was before I came to Italy).

So my apologies to those who cannot view it. Nothing I can do at the moment (except say: update your browsers).

Next time.

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