Why Syria is happening?

Why Syria is happening?

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.47.51You cannot open TV or any media for that matter without stumbling to the the news and the grim images of the refugees from Syria. Refugees, how is EU dealing with this… this constant infor­mation overflow leaves me perso­nally totally puzzled. Anxiety and compassion are the first words which come to mind, but I am also quietly embar­rased because I really don’t know what is going on and even more so, why is this happening right now.

Occasion­nally something really hits you. Like the other day the image of the little drowned kid on the beach… A friend and a colleague of mine Hanna Weselius wrote a very good piece on the iconic nature of this image (In Finnish).

And I am photo­grapher: I love the still images.

But the most infor­mative piece I’ve seen is this one in Upworthy. (Origi­nally from Years of Living Dange­rously). In a form of a comic strip.

I never understood that the original reason (or at least one — a major one — of them) for the conflict was the changing climate. And I am very impressed by the story­telling thru (gif-animated) comic-stripe style of narration. What a powerful tool.

I’d say worth taking a look.

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    1. Me neither, Jim. Seems like climate change is not something abstract of the future, but very much with us already.

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