Working Together

Working Together

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One definitely negative aspect of this line of work is that one works a lot alone. Even for a loner such as myself, it gets on you occasionally…

Thus, today I am very psyched to colla­borate again with Tomas White­house and Elina Paasonen — we’ll be shooting the gala together as we did last year in Tallinn — and putting everything into a gallery. Good friends, good photo­graphers — it’ll be a blast.

Just for fun. Good images, putting egos aside (what — photo­graphers have egos??? ;-)), the best we can do.

So check later tonight what we came up with. .

(UPDATED: Sunday at 18.00)

The gallery from the Gala is out. Here’s the link to the original gallery I did during the actual competition

Big thanks to Tomas and Elina — great working with you again.

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  1. A loner such as yourself? What? Who are you and what have you done with Kari? Yes, the solitude of profes­sional photo­graphy is something nobody really warns you about. That’s why I sold out to Hollywood. At least on set there are hair and makeup people to flirt with and they have to feed us every six hours.

    1. God — I am envious of the feeding part… Damn I’m hungry. Hopper, check the gallery, we really had a good time with Tomas and Ellu. Pulled that together in less than two hours.

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