Heading to Barcelona

Heading to Barcelona

One month of sailing behind. Parked Princess Sophie in Turku yesterday and will head to Barcelona to cover the EC 2010 in Athletics tomorrow . Don’t really feel like it, but looking forward to cooking up some funky multi­media stuff when I get there — well, we’ll see…

Princess Sophie moored in Airisto

Then back home and another month on the water. Heading to Stockholm I think, maybe to Gotland and Visby as well, depends on the winds…

Been reading, enjoying time with the kids (I’ve been doing single-handed sailing for the most part), doing art. Time well spent, worth every minute of it. Feeling very fortunate I’ve been able to do this. Kids remain kids for such a short time and I am so lucky I can be around and share that. And boy what a summer we have been having so far.

I will get active with the blog next week, so stay tuned.

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